Cyclist in a blue NAROO F5 mask

Air pollution has many short and long term effects on our health, so exposure to this toxic air must be avoided at all costs. In an instant, our body can react to the harmful particles that enter our bodies with:
• Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
• Coughing
• Chest tightness and shortness of breath
• Weakened athletic performance

Consistent or long term exposure to fine dust and pollution can cause:
• Cardiovascular and respiratory illness due to damaged cells and infection
• Stress and damage to the heart and lungs, which must work harder to supply the body with oxygen
• Development of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly cancer
• Shortened life span

The most common masks for polluted conditions are made from filters that use static electricity to catch unwanted toxic particles. This system means the whole mask or its filter must be thrown away after use. Because the design has several layers of filters, it often makes breathing difficult due to a strained effort to inhale oxygen. 

Taking the breathing difficulty and inconvenient disposability of regular filter masks into consideration, we commenced several years of dedicated research and development to provide a solution: a mask with a filter allowing for comfortable, efficient breathing, that doesn’t have to be replaced at the end of the day.

With that goal in mind, our F LINE masks were developed with a unique filtering system. When exercising, we inhale a larger amount of oxygen; F LINE masks balance air filtration and the amount of oxygen inhaled, meaning the mask allows air to quickly pass through the filter to be inhaled as clean oxygen. What makes this balance possible is our exclusive MICRONET filter, specially developed by NAROO MASK. 

MICRONET is made from a special fibre that blocks 99% of dust particles ranging from 1.7 to 2.6 um in size. It is incorporated into the fabric of the mask and can be washed along with the mask, without having its efficiency reduced or affected. The F LINE masks and MICRONET filter by NAROO MASK set a new high standard in filtering masks. Unique design, advanced air filtering and washable features make NAROO MASK an industry leader.

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